Our goals and main services:

This website will serve as a hub for all that I do.

You will find my teaching schedules as a Shakespearean Drama Teacher to youths, primarily middle school to high school students. I also do individual or group coaching on speech, acting and audition technique. You can contact me by sending me an email (maylfung@gmail.com) or Facebook message me.

The website will archive and showcase photos, connect you to my YouTube channel and Facebook page so you know more about my work.

Another area of my service is my on-going collaboration with Rutgers Community Christian Church (RCCC) as a playwright, stage director and drama coach. The RCCC Drama Troupe has premiered many of my original work and some of the videos are shared on my YouTube channel. You will find a number of scripts that we want to share in this website, some are written by me and some are written in collaboration with other script writers. Please read more about how you can purchase these scripts under the “Scripts” tab.


Other possible services:

I also understand not every church has the resources to put up a professional drama performance. The RCCC Drama Troupe does offer a limited touring schedule upon request. This schedule needs to coincide with our own performances mainly around the months of May to August each year. Please contact May Fung directly and allow at least six months of advance notice.

May Fung is also available to hold short term workshops for churches to train brothers and sisters in the area of stage acting, stage management and drama performance.

Lastly, if you don’t find any scripts in our website that is suitable for your church’s need, you can contact May Fung and commission her to write a script for your purposes. Please allow at least three to six months from initiation of project to the completion of the script.


Our Statement of Faith:

We acknowledge that the creativity of an artist is endowed by the Creator God of this Universe.

We believe that our salvation only comes from the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of our Lord the Creator.

Our purpose as creative artists on this earth is to use our talents and gifts solely for the purpose of glorifying God and in everything that we do, we will do with utmost excellence and the highest integrity.


About May Fung:

May FungMay received her education from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as well as the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. She is a creative playwright, stage director, freelance theatre teacher and speech coach for youths and adults. She currently serves as the Drama Director for Rutgers Community Christian Church of Somerset, New Jersey; and teaches Shakespeare extensively to homeschooled and private school youths.

Read her full bio here.