May FungMeet May Fung

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May is a native of Hong Kong and received her academic training from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

During her study with the HKAPA, she had received awards in both acting and scriptwriting. She had also translated a few plays from English to Chinese for professional performances in Hong Kong.

She has written and directed many original plays premiering in Rutgers Community Christian Church (RCCC) in Somerset, New Jersey. She has also trained and brought the RCCC Drama Troupe to perform in different venues including the “Quest for Life” Gospel camps in Pennsylvania and in Jersey City, New York City and Baltimore, Maryland.

May is also a dynamic and passionate teacher with more than ten years of experience coaching youths. Her specialties are in speech presentation, choral recitation, and Shakespearean acting. She has staged many productions on Shakespeare’s plays and her students consistently receive excellent reviews when they participate in statewide Shakespeare festivals.

She has also successfully homeschooled her two children through high school – her daughter graduated from Wheaton College and has a Master degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Baylor University.  Her son is a graduate from Gordon College and is an aspiring entrepreneur.   May currently teaches in the Wilberforce School in Princeton on Dramatic Theatre and Mandarin.

When she is not researching for new script ideas nor preparing for her classes, May enjoys a wide variety of hobbies including reading, sewing, cooking, gardening, and playing word games.




在校時,她已經開始翻譯及創作劇本,近年她創作(或共同創作)及改編的劇本包括﹕《心影》、《伍小明的故事》、《魔鬼的誘惑》、《誰的聲音》、《沒父親的年代》、《再給我一個機會》、《夢醒時分》、《雨後的彩虹》、《新造》、《心靈的綠卡》、《媽媽,我來啦!》、《愛的尋覓》、《細看眼前人》、《烏雲背後》、及《更美的家鄉》等。她也同時當上導演之職,這是她最能感受神的大能之處  —  因為神實在是那位從水變酒,從無變有的偉大供應者,每一次新劇演出後的成果都讓她深深的經歷神的豐盛,因為上帝才是我們最好的導演!


她的先生馮明灼乃是劇團的燈光設計師,馮氏也是攝影愛好者,為劇團拍下不少佳作,二人正是“最佳拍擋”。他們二人居住於紐澤西州,育有一子一女。她现职与Princeton 的The Wilberforce School,教授戏剧和汉语课程。