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Frequently Asked Questions  常問問題

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Why are my scripts not free?

Being a playwright and a theatre artist, I depend on my artistic skills for a living. It takes a lot of time and effort for a script to be realized – from an idea to black and white and eventually ready for printing and for you to perform. Most importantly, the law requires that you must have the author’s permission to use his or her writings in any format.

What can you do after purchasing the scripts?

By purchasing the script, you purchase the license to use it in the following terms. Please read these terms carefully. All purchases are final and there is no refund.

The purchase of each script grants you the right to perform as many times as you want within the context of one organization – for example, a school, a church, a non-profit organization. Electronic transmission or photocopying of the script is allowed only to the production team, that is, the director, the actors, the stage crew, etc., within the same organization.

The license is not transferrable and you are not allowed to transmit, duplicate in any form, or share the script with any other organization. You may only make one video recording of the performance for record purposes. Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell any video recording of your performance or are you permitted to share any video recording via the internet. If you are interested in producing my script as a film, please contact me for further terms and conditions.

The license is also for non-profit performances only. If you are planning a for-profit performance, you must contact May Fung for approval and information on royalties due.

Finally, please kindly acknowledge the author in all your printed promotions, pamphlets, programs, etc.

Can we change the script?

Minimal changes, for example, on characters’ names, locales, some sentence structures to suit your dialects (especially for Cantonese); are allowed. You may also condense some long passages within reason. However, you are not allowed to add plot lines, add characters, or change the plot. Please respect the creative process of the author. If you need to change so much, may be you should consider looking for another script, or better yet, write your own script.











如有需要,你可以將一些人物的名字,發生背景及說話語氣作微量的調整(例如廣東話的調整)。如你覺得劇本有些段落太長,你可以刪去,但不能加詞。對,只可刪,不能加 – 絕對不能加人物,轉換劇情發展或加劇情。如你需要這麼做,你不如考慮找別的更適合的劇本或自己去寫你的劇本。太多的更改和調動會令劇本失去原意,亦對作者不甚尊重。